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Bubbly Illustions

Bubble Beans weaves into Dreamer's Land

28 August

About Me
Name: Yuki
Nickname: Crabby fish, bubbledreams, small fat..
Age: 25
Occupation: Student animator, Fulltime doll collector, Parttime Clothes Maker..
Nationality: Malaysian Chinese
Currently at: San Francisco

Likes: Strawberry, cakes, spagetti, cheese, pizza, bread, pudding, noodles, cha soba, kare rice, laksa, abjd, blythes, barbie, bratz, pinky street, petite blythes, pullip, My Scene, gothic lolita, rock, punk, fashion, swimming, driving, travelling, anime, manga, sleeping, day-dreaming...
Dislikes: Stress, politics, chinese parsleys, worms, chaos lovers, smelly or kinky taste food..
Love Hate relationship: high heels, spiders, motorbikes, ice-creams, chocolate cookies, Coca-cola, horror movies..
Wants & Needs: Thrilling and exciting activities, communicate with ppl, quiet days tet interesting, comics & novels, music & sounds, fullfill my doll list..

Wish list:Photobucket